The following media industry trends are shaping the way customers enjoy TV

The following media industry trends are shaping the way customers enjoy TV

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Tv has transformed over the past ten years; listed here are just a couple of ways we observe television differently now.

One thing that has become more of a craze in the previous couple of years is binge watching television shows. In the past, a series of a tv show would be drip-fed to fans over numerous weeks, with one new episode being launched each week. Today, companies have started to pander to consumers’ want to binge watch tv programmes, and have started releasing the latest TV shows all at once. Because entire tv series are getting launched at the same time, this has created a culture of binge watching, where supporters will sit facing the TV and watch several episodes at the same time! The expansion of TV trends like this one has been made even easier by TV services who provide things like autoplay on their television shows, so you do not have to select the next episode! Key individuals within the sector will be aware of how popular this is becoming amongst customers, and Vincent Bolloré will also be no stranger to this without doubt.

With the enhanced popularity of watching television on streaming sites, there has also been a tremendous rise in tailored content for customers. Nowadays, these sites can track your watching habits, and find shows which may be appropriate for you according to what you have watch ed in the past. Although we’re still in the early days of this being used, broadcasting in the future will be able to refine these suggestions even further, making watching easier for the consumers. Consumers will be hoping that once these algorithms become more optimised, it will become simpler for them to look through the clutter and have all the top programmes for them at the top of their searches. It’s likely that Randy Freer understands the value of this, and will be doing work to improve the customer experience even further.

With the growth of smartphone use over the previous ten years, there is getting to be a bigger emphasis on watching TV on the go, either on phones or tablets. In the past, individuals just watched TV shows when they were at home, but nowadays it’s becoming more and more frequent for individuals to sink their teeth into a brand-new programme whilst commuting or out and about. What current trends in television shows have shown us, is that individuals are getting to be more keen to download shows directly to their phone whilst they’re at home, so they can watch them on their way to work. This has put more pressure on those who are creating these television shows, as they’re currently needed to make them compatible for mobiles, since this is clearly what consumers want. Big figures in the industry such as Philip Jansen will have come to be wise to this, and should be changing for this developing movement.

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